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Club United CEO Statement – Diversity and Inclusion

• These values define how we behave as individuals and together as a sports and recreational club. They guide all of our decisions and the way in which we interact with each other, and those in the community around us.

• As an organisation, Club United’s vision is to ignite passion, build character, and create an inclusive club community. Our vision can only be achieved if our club is one where every individual participant, whether a guest, sports participant, volunteer, supporter, or administrator feels safe, welcome, and included.

• Club United recognises that both intentional and unintentional discrimination and harassment against those who have historically suffered from such behavior exists within societies throughout the world and that this can have adverse and potentially significant consequences for some individuals.

• Sometimes these consequences mean that individuals who are Club United guests might feel excluded and as a result cease their involvement in Club activities. In some cases, such individuals may even be subjected to abusive language or actions and are needlessly and wrongfully subjected to discrimination, thus reducing their enjoyment of Club affiliation. These outcomes are unacceptable and unwelcome in our Club community.

• Club United’s policy on inclusion is simple: our club must be an organization where everyone in the Club community has the right and freedom to participate regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion and without fear of exclusion. There is no place for any form of discrimination or harassment in our club and our actions and words must reflect this.

• The objective of this Policy is to make Club policy clear on our commitment to inclusion. By doing so, we are signaling our commitment, as a leading sports and recreational club and member of the Metro Manila community, to make a stand to eradicate wrongful discrimination in all forms.

• Irrespective of the various group identified here who are impacted by discrimination and harassment, the overarching principle and intention of the Policy is to make a positive statement on the importance of inclusion for all, and the importance of eliminating all forms of discrimination and harassment in our Club community.

• The Policy aims to do this through the implementation of four Statements of Mission, each of which makes a unique and important contribution toward the overall objective of eradicating discrimination, harassment and bullying on the basis of race, sex, sexuality, and all other recognized bases of improper discrimination and harassment. Club United sees the implementation of each Statement of Mission as integral to ensuring that the Policy achieves the overriding objective.

Who This Policy Applies To

• This Policy applies to Club guests, visitors, Club sports participants, employees and volunteers.

• This Policy will continue to apply to a person even after they have stopped their association, employment or involvement with the Club.

Discrimination and a Positive Environment

• Club United accepts that both direct and indirect discrimination exists in society. That discrimination can be either overt or subtle.

• Club United is committed to doing more to remove all forms of discrimination from our Club community. We want to ensure that a positive environment exists in which all people who may experience discrimination are able to enjoy the full benefits of being a Club guest and feel welcomed and respected for who they are.

• Club United’s plan to create an environment that supports and encourages involvement of those who have historically suffered discrimination and harassment. Club United aspires to go further than just the elimination of direct and indirect discrimination.

• Club United is committed to doing more to positively promote a culture of respect and inclusion for individuals and groups historically the target of discrimination and harassment. Instead of just challenging the negative behaviors of discrimination and harassment, the Club hopes to break down the barriers which may operate to prevent full and wholesome participation in the Club community. With this Policy, Club United is seeking to avoid any cultural attitudes or actions that may have developed within any aspect of our Club community which, while not necessarily being overt, might create an unwelcoming environment for those who have historically suffered discrimination and harassment.

Interaction With Other Laws And Policies

• The Policy does not lessen the rights of people to take action in the face of discrimination under applicable law.

• The Club’s Code of Conduct and Sports Integrity Policy, as well as other Club rules, regulations and policies will continue to regulate the behaviour of Club guests. Following the commencement of this Policy, a person who believes that they are a victim of discrimination will continue to have the right to make a complaint in accordance with Club rules, regulations and policies.

The Policy’s Four Statements of Mission

5.1 The Policy’s four Statements of Mission are fundamental to achieving the Club United’s overriding objective in relation to the:

• eradication of discrimination, abuse, bullying, or harassment on the basis of actual or perceived personal characteristic; and

• development of a Club environment fostering equal participation by all.

• Club United commits to implementing each Statement of Mission by regularly identifying action items that are relevant to each Statement of Mission and then implementing those action items. From time to time, additional action items may be included.

• The implementation of each Statement of Mission will aid Club United in achieving the overriding objective of removing discrimination and harassment from the Club community and ensuring a positive environment for the involvement of all.

• The four Statements of Mission are as follows:

MISSION 1: Every guest of the Club is responsible for disseminating and implementing the Club’s Diversity and inclusion Policy.

Purpose: The success and effectiveness of the Policy rests not just with Club management, but also with all of its guests. By helping to foster an open, friendly Club environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, each Club guest is doing their part to implement the Policy.

MISSION 2: Our Club community will not tolerate wrongful discrimination and harassment, and each of us will act if it happens.

Purpose: Incidents of wrongful discrimination and harassment in the Club community will not be tolerated by either the Club, or any of its guests. Guests who witness such incidents are expected to report these to Club management for investigation and resolution.

MISSION 3: Our Club community will be a leader among our peer sports and recreational clubs in eradicating wrongful discrimination and harassment.

Purpose: If we are to be a “good citizen” in our shared community with other sports and recreational clubs, it is incumbent upon us to share the message, in word and deed, of our commitment to a club community free of discrimination and harassment.

MISSION 4: Our commitment to diversity and inclusion must not be a mere policy – we must work to implement it every day.

Purpose: We don’t intend this Policy to be “mere paper” – we intend that the values of this Policy become interwoven into the fabric of our Club’s culture. Your Club management will ensure that implementation of this Policy is central to its management and governance responsibilities.

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