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We know the value of a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy community.


Club United is a sports and recreation complex located in Metro Manila. We offer a wide array of sporting and leisure activities, creating a fun-filled atmosphere for guests and visitors to flourish in.

Club United’s vision is to ignite passion, build character and create an inclusive club community. Our vision can only be achieved if our club is one where every individual participant, whether a guest, sports participant, volunteer, supporter or administrator feels safe, welcome and included.

Club United’s logo is the Mandala. The utilization of the mandala symbolizes unity and completeness.

Please see our ‘Code of Conduct and Sports Integrity’ and ‘Diversity and Inclusion Policy’ for more information.


At Club United, our objective is to promote the overall health of people of all ages by fully engaging the body and the mind. By providing top-quality amenities, offering high-level service and integrating community-based activities, we use our sports, events and leisure amenities as a medium of social interaction and the expansion of social circles.


The ultimate goal of Club United is to become the leading family- and community-oriented sports and leisure hub in the Philippines. We strive to create an inclusive community that share a passion for enhancing their overall mental and physical health and a commitment to improving their general well-being through our top-tier sports, events and leisure amenities.


An honest relationship between staff and guests, built on integrity and fairness
Flexibility and innovation in our sports programs and tournaments. Inclusivity and fun in our recreational events and activities.
Our commitment to improving the lives of our guests in terms of their overall well-being through our sports and leisure offerings.
The preservation of family values in all our sports and recreational endeavors
To provide the utmost satisfaction for all our guests by continuously striving for perfection in our facilities and consistently improving our quality of service.

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Our delivery services are now available via landline -- and our online delivery platforms such as FOODPANDA and LALAFOOD.

Our restaurant is open from 11am - 7pm, Sunday - Friday
Saturday - Closed

here to view our takeout menu.

Tel No.  8 880 9544
Cel No. (0995) 326 8521

**For those who call-to-order payment is made via Online Bank Transfer or Cash Basis.

For the time being, our dine-in services will remain temporarily closed until further notice, but rest assured you will be the first to know once we re-open!

Stay safe, everyone! 

The Management